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Overview of the projects implementing the programs of nonviolent communication in the schools and kindergartens in FRY (Federal Republic of Yugoslavia) in the period 1995-2000

directed by Nada Ignjatovic Savic

Sunday 15 May 2005, by Nada Ignjatovic Savic // Actors

“MUTUAL EDUCATION:GIRAFFE LANGUAGE IN KINDERGARTENS AND SCHOOLS” implemented through Institute of Psychology in Belgrade,supported by UNICEF in the period from 1995-1998 Within this project, our activities were focused mostly on enabling teachers to apply NVC skills in their work, and engaging them as workshop leaders to teach children to adopt skills and values of nonviolence.Applying cascade model of training ( each lasting for 48 hours) we educated 28 NVC trainers, 1055 teachers to (...) Lire la suite »