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In french : En cours pour nvc-europe.org

To do list

  • on the first page of http://www.nvc-europe.org
    • put the names of the languages corresponding to the flags -> done !
    • put the contact button -> done !
    • put a map whith the names of the countries. Problem : some countries have several languages : on which on pointing to ?
  • be able to subscribe to a diffusion list, telling in which languages we are interrested in, to know for example what are the trainings availables in theses languages. This diffusion list is to make it easier for people who don't have broad access to internet.

[Fabien] This would be possible for every country whose trainers use the nvc-europe.org diary. In this case, we may imagine more : suscribe for a country, an area, a trainer...

    • countries open section under spip
    • Fabien explores the fonctionnalities of the bloogletter
    • Dieudonné explores mailman, dotspip

Sources of inspiration

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